Honey Boba Matcha Tea Drink Review

Honey Boba Matcha Tea Drink Review
Honey Boba Matcha Tea Drink Review
Honey Boba Matcha Tea Drink Review 2019

We have been going to this cafe for quite some time. I feel they deserve to have a nice review of their matcha beverage. Just to let you all know, this is my first time to try their matcha drink. I tried all the other flavors which are good. I want to make sure I specifically want the matcha tea boba I always wanted.

This Honey Boba cafe is located in Monterey Park, CA. The place is very spacious. I love the chandelier decorations and how everything feels like cool. Not too hot inside. You can bring your laptop or work even there. A place you can relax.

About the matcha boba drink, I tasted it and it seems like green tea. The quality of the matcha is not strong enough for me. Personally, I would have called this green tea boba. How they mix it with milk and other concoction makes it really taste good and sweet. I like my matcha strong enough to last me throughout the day.

It was not the best matcha experience for me. I had expectations that the drink would surpass the ones in Little Tokyo. It was just not too strong. The container made me happy because it was easy to drink and put a cap on it while driving. It’s spillproof and the lid makes sure it doesn’t leak.

The disadvantage of the canister, I had to open it to put my straw in to drink. Little spills on the cup holder can be quite a hassle to clean. It was messy. I had to drink half of it put the lid on and get back on the road. The wait was okay. I don’t mind the detail. It’s just that I have to open and then close it.

Buying the drink was not too expensive. We have tried really good ones that have to buy one get one free promotion. They don’t have any promotion. You have to buy the drink individually. They have a lot of options that are around $5 or more. Better flavors and mixes.

The advantage is the amount of drink you have. It’s more than a cup. We usually get large size plastic cups. The size is times two. Though we paid for two, we absolutely love the idea of having plenty of matcha tea blend in our container. My husband said it’s like paying for $10 if it was cup size.

Overall, I was happy with my drink not with the amount of ice inside it. It was very tasty and I would love to order it again. Even if it’s not too strong, there is caffeine on this drink. Not good for kids. Perfect for a hot day and just lingering inside the cafe. A must-have drink for students or anyone who wants to feel refreshed and energized all day.

ITO EN Oi Ocha Unsweetened Green Tea Review

Oi Ocha Unsweetened Green Tea Review

I have seen the ITO EN Oi Ocha Unsweetened Green Tea at supermarkets and some online. The reviews I read about this drink was fair. I found no reviews to read that would convince me to buy it. This drink on sale at Daiso near me. I grab the chance to get one. Make a good review of the green tea drink.

This drink does give you an extra boost of calm energy on a hot day. It is loaded with vitamin C to keep you away from getting sick. It is made from green tea leaves that gives you 100% nutrients you need.

What makes this product different is that it taste like real tea. It is delicious as it gets cold. The other products may have milk or additional sweeteners. This one hardly has any sugar on it.

Its distinctive natural tea flavor makes me really like it. I don’t go for sugary drinks. The Oi Ocha Unsweetened Green Tea is my winner. Without artificial sweetener, for me, it is the best green tea beverage I have ever drink.

Its natural taste of tea makes me want to drink it over and over again. This product is great. Perfect for people who want to cut down sugar on their diet and want to find healthier beverage options.

The flaw I see in this product is that its made in Taiwan, not in Japan. The label says its Japan’s No. 1. I was assuming this was manufactured in Japan, not Taiwan.

Product intention is to provide a non-sugary tea beverage for individuals who had diet restrictions. To people who are diabetic and wants to enjoy tea on the go. This is perfect for anyone who drinks tea, hot or cold. The only beverage you enjoy without the sugar.

Where to find this product? You can purchase it on our store using this link. Please note that buying using my links gives me a commission.

Snack: Matcha Peejoy Review


I got this snack from my husband who went to the Japanese market, Marukai Market. The name of the snack is Matcha Peejoy Snack. The design is patterned after the stick filled snacks. Instead of filling it with chocolate, they filled it with matcha cream. I thought this would be another simple snack. They made it too small. I kinda like it because it was easy to eat. I could taste the light matcha cream inside the lightly baked stick.

This snack is not something I want to buy every time I get cravings. Comparing it with the other matcha stick snack available online. This brand did not stand out. I was hoping it was delicious. It was okay. No wow factor. The taste did not remain on my tongue. Unforgettable. I might include this on my top 100. Nothing too special that leaves a lasting mark.

The good thing about this snack since it is light and easy to carry. You can easily put this in your bag for a quick no-nonsense snack. It is good to fill you up for an hour or two. The next thing you know you need to find a heavier snack to partner it with. The cream really makes this snack worthy tasting. The texture and crunch are amazing.

I think the only people who would love this snack are children. It is not high in sodium or any other artificial flavoring. The sugar level is not too high (above 100 mg is too much). You would not let your children eat sodium rich foods. Kids would love eating this using melted chocolate. Since it is a great complement to matcha.

You can purchase this snack online or any Japanese market. Whenever I go to the Japanese market, they sometimes change their product offerings. I suggest finding it online first. This is a good light snack for kids and adults who needs matcha energy.

Teaologists UK Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Here is some information about the company:
Company: Teaologists UK
Product type: Ceremonial Grade
Year Established: 2016
Type: Usucha (Thin)
Location: United Kingdom

copyright by matchatea-lover

Flavor Rating: 9/10
Aroma Rating: 9/10
Color Rating: 9/10
Taste Rating: 9/10

Ceremonial grade matcha tea is being compared to kitchen or cooking grade. There is a huge difference. Ceremonial matcha tea is rich in taste. Try to compare superior, premium and ceremonial matcha tea together. They are not the same in taste, flavor, and color. Even with the price.

There is also a difference when a product says ceremonial organic grade than the ceremonial grade. The place where it came from is also considered. This is my first ceremonial grade that can be made into Koicha or Usucha. Great for people who want to change their coffee routine to matcha tea. I started with a premium grade of koicha matcha tea. Though, I still love my first matcha tea compared to the ceremonial grade.

I purchased the sample of 5g for the price of £5. Now I check again, they change it and it’s less than $5. Hurrah! Matcha tea beginner’s who wants to try matcha tea should be on the lookout for samples. In case, your taste buds do its choosing for you. You may not anticipate the taste of it at the beginning. You will love it once you consumed all of it.

This product is one of their best sellers. The reason I bought their sample. I opened it and smelled the bursting aroma. It smelled good. I made a simple drink without whisking it. Check the picture above. The tea is rich, aromatic and smooth. It has warm notes to it. Personally, it is delicious, sweet and worth drinking over and over again. The great thing about drinking matcha tea is that it gives you a relaxing feeling you want. I like this matcha tea.

10 Health Benefits of Japanese Matcha Tea


In Japanese culture, Matcha Tea is a widely known and accepted the drink. Back in the Tang Dynasty in China, tea leaves were steamed and formed into tea bricks for storage and trade. It became popular in the Song Dynasty where the method of making powdered tea started. Then it became a necessary part of the ritual by Chan or Zen Buddhists.

One of the Zen Buddhists brought Matcha Tea to Japan in 1191 by monk Eisai. In Japan, it became highly integrated at ceremonies by Zen Monasteries and people. From there, Matcha green tea was born. Let us read more about how Matcha Tea can benefit your health.

1.) It helps improve your mental focus because of its high Theanine content. It gives you that surge of energy when you work.

2.) It gives an energy boost without the typical jitter and acidity associated with coffee. Once we get older, our body acidity goes high. Consumption of coffee may give you stomach pains, acid reflux, and complex acid reactions. It is better to have an alternative to coffee the reason some people drink Matcha tea.

3.) It makes your skin look younger.

4.) Matcha has Catechin EGCg, most widely known for its cancer-fighting properties.

5.) Enhances your nerves to make you feel calm but alert.

6.) Boosts memory and concentration.

7.) Increase your endurance up to 6 hours or more. From my experience, it even makes feel active all throughout the day. The endurance makes you even more productive especially if you have two jobs.

8.) Improves your metabolism and helps to burn calories in your body. Personally, drink Matcha Tea before you exercise. It will help you meet your fitness goals X2.

9.) Detoxifies our body from chemical toxins from the food that we eat.

10.) Fortifies the immune system and balances our cholesterol levels.

You get a lot of benefits from Matcha Tea. The list could go longer. I have only 10 on the list. I will keep you updated for more. If you are reading this post and you drink coffee, you should try Matcha Tea. It will give you more than what coffee could offer.

8 Amazing Facts About The Quality Of Matcha Green Tea


It is difficult to tell which Matcha Tea has a ceremonial grade to its quality if you are a beginner.

In the market, there are products sold on the internet for the same type of Matcha tea powder. The quality is worst compared to products that are known for their quality. The issues of the quality do get everyone’s attention. Including the specific grades of the powder to use.

How can you tell you purchased a quality Matcha tea? The grade of Matcha has many factors:

1.) Location of the Tea.

2.) They must have strict requirements when made. This means they use young leaves to make the highest quality tea powder. The treatment of the tea leaves. In processing, the leaves are not exposed to sunlight. This type of process makes the powder color appear vibrant green.

3.) The treatment of the tea leaves. In processing, sunlight is an important factor for the leaves. This type of process makes the powder color appear vibrant green.

4.) The texture, quality, and density.

5.) Comprises of stems or leaves. Teas made from stems have different flavor and aroma. They are not bitter. Drink the tea stems. Stems are by-products of making Matcha. Young leaf selected for Matcha production.

6.) The fineness of the powder.  Matcha tea powder from Japan has a darker color than the China made tea powder according to my research.

7.) Tea leaves made from granite stone mills have the best quality. Compare Matcha Tea made from machines. Granite stone mill is the best for attaining the freshness, texture, color, and density of the tea leaves.

8.) The oxidation of the leaves. Tea leaves exposed too much oxygen becomes dull and appears brownish-green. You will know if it has the right amount if it smells like hay.

The internet has a vast selection of Matcha Tea and their specific type of grade (which I will cover in my next article). The only way to know what type you are going to buy is to read the labels. Do not be entice buying lower price products. High-quality Matcha Tea is generally expensive above $20 or more.