Naoki Fine Japanese Matcha Blend

  • This Naoki Fine Japanese Blend is fresh from Japan – Made from shade grown, First Harvest tea leaves from Uji Kyoto. The tencha leaves is only ground into powder, and then sealed into air-tight packets.
  • The powder is also very versatile and can be used to make all kinds of culinary creations. From no-bake matcha treats to matcha desserts, this ceremonial grade green tea powder will bring out the best flavors in each recipe. Whether you want a creamy smooth latte or a decadent sweet dessert, this premium ceremonial grade matcha powder is the perfect choice.
  • So don’t be afraid to get creative and explore all the possibilities offered by matcha tea! I love that matcha powder is so easy to use and store. You can keep it in your pantry for months without worrying about spoilage. I also appreciate how versatile this amazing ingredient is — not only does it make a delicious hot tea, but you can also use it in desserts, smoothies, and so much more. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert matcha-lover, I’m sure you’ll find something that will tantalize your taste buds.
  • Smooth, Creamy and Versatile, Ideal for beginners – This matcha ceremonial grade green tea powder is smooth with balanced umami with a slight bitterness. It is the perfect matcha for beginners looking to make matcha lattes, occasional matcha teas (usucha), and matcha smoothies.

How do you use it?

Use 1 tsp (2 grams) of matcha powder into a cup of warm water.

Whisk it using round motions until it looks frothy and bubbles appear on top

After you mix, pour it into a cup of your choice and enjoy!

What are its health benefits?

Improve your focus, boost energy without coffee which greatly increase your focus and energy by drinking. Unlike the typical caffeine explosion from coffee, the amino acid L-theanine in Naoki Matcha moderates the effects of caffeine and helps to relax the mind and body while providing a steady boost of energy for up to 6 hours. This is also naturally gluten and sugar free and is a healthy source of antioxidants.

With no crash, jitters or acidic feeling in your stomach. Naoki Matcha is the perfect all day pick me up for any situation! Enjoy it as a hot beverage, a cold smoothie or even mix it into yogurt and oatmeal. Get ready to experience the full-bodied flavor of premium Japanese matcha along with its amazing health.

Where to buy it?

You can buy it on Amazon -> Naoki Matcha Superior Ceremonial Blend

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