Affordable Matcha Packets On The Go

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Are you the type who is always busy? Getting up at 4 am and off to work before the sun rises, all while juggling a hectic after-work social life? If yes, I have the perfect matcha on the go packets just for you. Matcha on the go packets provide a quick and convenient way to enjoy your daily cup of matcha without having to worry about taking the time out of your day. Plus, you can get in some extra health benefits while on the move! Check out our selection of matcha on the go packets.

Jade Leaf Matcha Powder Stick Packs – One of the popular brands that many people love is the Jade Leaf Matcha Powder Stick Packs. They contain organic Japanese matcha powder, which has numerous health benefits and a smooth flavor that adds a delicious green tea flavor to any drink. The stick packs make it easy to take them anywhere for on-the-go convenience. Plus, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, they are a great choice for those watching their sugar intake. Jade Leaf Matcha Stick Packs come in several flavors, making them a great way to explore the wonderful world of matcha tea without having to buy large quantities of each flavor. Try one today!

MatchaLove Unsweetened Tea Powder – An ITO EN brand, this superfood powder is among the best I have tried so far. This organic powder contains only pure, natural matcha tea leaves that have been sourced from the finest gardens in Japan and steamed to preserve its flavor. Its bright green color and smooth texture makes it a perfect addition for recipes like matcha lattes or smoothies. The true star of this product is its health benefits – thanks to an abundance of catechins, it can help fight inflammation, protect against cellular damage, and even reduce the risk of certain cancers. With all these health benefits, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my regular tea! On top of that, its mild flavor makes it easy to mix with other ingredients like milk or yogurt for a delicious treat. Not only does it offer a variety of high-quality, organic matcha powders, but also delicious when you pair it with treats like cookies, cakes and ice cream made with this special tea.

Aiya Matcha Ceremonial Grade To Go – I’ve tried other Aiya products and it never fails to satisfy my cravings. I included this in my recommendations for its high-quality taste and convenience. The front of the package says that it is made from premium Aiya ceremonial grade matcha, which means that I’m getting the best flavor and health benefits available! The tea also comes in a lightweight pouch with individual portions, making it easy to carry around. I’m excited to try out this product and would definitely recommend it to others!

I also like how Aiya is committed to sustainability. All of their products meet strict environmental standards and are packaged with recycled materials. To top it off, they donate a portion of their profits to organizations that support eco-friendly initiatives. It’s great to have the assurance that I’m not only buying quality tea but supporting a company that is helping the planet.

Overall, I’m very pleased with Aiya’s ceremonial grade matcha and thrilled to be able to enjoy this delicious tea every day! The unique flavor and health benefits make it a must-have for any matcha lover. Plus, the fact that it comes from an environmentally conscious company is definitely an added bonus.

Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks – Korean brand match powder that showcases their tea heritage that has been going on for centuries. Made with an all-natural process, this matcha is USDA certified organic and has a smooth and mild taste that will leave your tastebuds feeling like royalty! So make sure to enjoy this amazing tea experience with Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks today! Whether you’re sipping it plain or serving up something special, this organic matcha is sure to bring you joy.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation by brewing up some Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks and basking in the peacefulness it brings! With its rich flavor and aroma, it’s sure to be your new favorite way to start (or end) your day. Get your daily dose of antioxidants and a boost of energy without any jittery side effects from Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks! This smooth matcha is packed with vitamins B1, B2, C, E and K, while the amino acid L-theanine helps release stress. Plus, it’s certified organic and comes in a convenient, easy-to-use stick format. Try Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks today to experience the flavor of traditional Japanese matcha tea without any of the hassle!

Mighty Leaf Unsweetened Japanese Match Packets – Peet’s Coffee & Tea has been the sole distributor of this brand of matcha packet. This matcha is perfect for those who are trying to add a little zing to their tea or coffee without any added sweetness. It has a smooth, mellow flavor that only gets better when combined with just the right amount of milk and sugar. A single packet can make up to two cups of tea, making it an economical choice and one that can be enjoyed by all. Try it today and experience the power of matcha!

Superior GoldMatcha Review

Superior GoldMatcha

According to the product description stated on the site, Superior GoldMatcha has a smooth, delicate taste with layered sweetness and bitterness. I would say the description fits the product perfectly.

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Personally, this matcha tea is strong. It gives out that green tea smell and a bitter kick when I drink it. When I traditionally mix it with small increments of cold water before the hot water. The color of the liquid turns to green, not vibrant green.

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Mix it properly if you do not want to end up drinking a bitter matcha tea drink. I like it a lot. Here is my short story on how I came to love matcha and all its goodness.

My sister went to Japan last December and brought with her Koicha Matcha Tea from Uji, Kyoto Japan. It was so good that I instantly became curious about this powdered tea. My fixation drove me to start my own matcha tea blog.

Matcha Tea has changed my lifestyle. Officially, I am a matcha tea convert. Goodbye, coffee! Being not totally equipped with some matcha tools that I need to succeed in mixing matcha the right way. I just went ahead mix match with cold and hot water.

Compared to my first matcha which was Matcha Tea from Uji-Kyoto, Japan. (I consumed everything before I realize I forgot to take a picture). The flavor, aroma, and color of the matcha tea were different. This matcha tea powder from GoldMatcha has a darker color. The texture is smooth and fine. The taste is really usucha which is good for drinking. 

Overall, their superior matcha tea is great. I would it a total score of 8/10. This is good for ceremony tea practice. For people who want to experience less expensive matcha.

New Update: They currently offer only one product. They phased out this product to this one below. It’s called GoldMatcha Ceremonial Grade.

Organic Uji Matcha Tea From Kyoto, Japan


Here is the sample of the organic uji matcha product I purchased from Tokyo Matcha Selection online. It is manufactured from Ogura, Uji-Kyoto, Japan. You probably saw one of these on the internet. It is available from various resources online. Most of them offering this type of product are from Japan. You can see them in Japanese stores too.

When I ordered, it took the product to reach me almost two months. I was wondering why it took that long. Not until I read online resources that during the season from March to May orders get heavy and busy. Small to large orders go in and out of Japan. I panicked at some point and glad at the same time when I received my orders.

Kyoto has been popular for manufacturing matcha tea and widely known harvesting green tea. The largest companies who cultivates matcha tea products are from Kyoto. Other companies you have heard are from Shizuokoa, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Nishio.   This brand is different from the other matcha tea I have tasted.

If I would rate the astringency level from one to five where one means it has less astringency and five means it has more astringency to its taste. I would rate it four. You can really taste the bold flavor of the tea. I love it in a way when I drink it in shots. It gives me that extra kick during the afternoon when I feel sleepy.  

It gives me the impression that organic types can be strong. Strong in flavor and taste. This make has passed the JAS and JONA standards meaning it is safe to drink. I would recommend this to beginner’s and it would make a perfect practice ceremony tea.

My overall rating is 8/10. I am not really a fan of tea that has high levels of astringency. This is my personal review of this grade. I love the sweet ones that I was hoping to find for my next reviews.

Maccha Uji No Sato Review


I purchased this Maccha Uji No Sato from Maiko Japan Online Store. You can see that I made a regular drink. (My whisk and other stuff have not arrived.) Uji No Sato is a thin or Usucha type of matcha tea. Its name Uji refers to the region it came from Uji, Kyoto Western Honshu Japan.  This is a superior type of maccha tea. In Japan, they call it Maccha & not Matcha. I will explain the difference between the two terms after my product reviews. Most people use Uji type of Matcha Tea for ceremony practice.

I was very impressed by the taste of this Maccha Uji No Sato. It has a light/sweet smell and tastes delicious! The flavor is not too strong nor too mellow, which makes it perfect for drinking everyday. Overall, I am happy with the quality of this product and will definitely purchase from Maiko Japan Online Store again.

A good tea for you to drink and enjoy. It is refreshing, aromatic and light. Overall, I like this tea. I gave it a rating on 8/10. The quality of the Uji No Sato is good. I like Uji for drinking. I can tell the tea leaves used to make this tea are slightly old. Stone grind and machine grind matcha tea even has its own differences when it comes to their taste, texture and color. That is what I learned throughout my journey.

You may find other matcha tea quite expensive. Uji No Sato is a good way to start your matcha tea experience. If you are at the experimental stage, I suggest you buy this type of matcha tea.  

Kyoto Direct Kyo Shizuku Organic Matcha Review

Kyoto Direct Kyo Shizuku Organic Matcha

I recently got my sample from Kyoto Direct. The product is called Kyoto Direct Shizuku Organic Matcha from Japan. I want to share how this matcha is different from the rest. First, it is organic matcha. They have different kinds as what you can see on the images. Standard, Premium, Deluxe, High Grade, and Supreme. Let me tell you the differences between each kind.

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Kyo Shizuku Standard Matcha, a good Usucha tea great for everyday drink and practice ceremony. I like the smell when I open the sachet. I made a simpe matcha shot and whisk it for a minute. I was not impress with the taste. The astringency of the matcha is strong. It was too organic for my taste. I would give it a rating of 6/10.

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Kyo Shizuku Premium Matcha, one of the best tasting matcha from the product line. It smells so good and fresh. After the product pictorial, I drink it all up. The taste was sweet and there is less astringency. It has a rich texture to it. I would rate it 10/10.

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Kyo Shizuku Deluxe Matcha, this matcha is strong. The texture, after I whisk, become smooth and creamy. I love the texture. What I did not like about this type is the strong after taste and its leaves a slight bitter taste on my tongue. I would rate it 8/10.

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Kyo Shizuku High Grade Matcha, this tea is great for tea ceremony practice. It is slightly sweet with medium astringency levels. It has a strong after taste which I did not drink it all up. I would rate it 8/10.

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Kyo Shizuku Supreme Matcha. I have high expectations for this tea. It fell short once I taste it. The tea is bold and aromatic. It has strong finish and have medium astringency levels. The texture is smooth. I would recommend this for tea ceremony. Not my favorite kind. I would rate this teafrom Kyoto Direct 8/10.

The rating use in this post where 1 means poor and 10 means good.

Kappa Matcha Tea Review


I got this matcha from Japan. It is called Kappa Matcha Tea. My sister gave it to me last Christmas. It is different matcha. It has a roasted smell when you open it. I was expecting the same smell just like the others. It was not. I was surprised.

I took some photos of the product. Also my drink. This is the second time my sister brought me another kind of matcha. I was excited to check if this is the same match she purchased last Christmas.

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I made my usual drink. This time I have my whisk with me. I place two teaspoons of powder on my bowl. Pour in a little bit of hot water then whisk it. While whisking it, nutty smell of the steam evaporates.  I check the color it’s dark green. Pretty good for a matcha tea.

I add a little bit of sugar and whisk it again. A nice frothy layer appears on top. Ah, this is the best part of making matcha tea! The sweetness balance out the bitterness of the tea. I take my first sip and enjoy its strong yet smooth taste. So relaxing! Matcha tea never disappoints me. This is why matcha tea is my favorite.

I love to experiment with different recipes for making matcha tea. I’ve tried adding honey, almond milk, or cinnamon to create unique flavors. It’s so much fun to find the perfect combination that I enjoy! There are endless possibilities and it’s fun trying out new things each time.

I tasted my tea. All good. It is very rich, nutty and has a roasted smell. I would say not all matchas are created equal. My sister’s husband told me before that every tea house in has have their own flavors. That’s a fact. I thought they were all the same.

The matcha manufactured from Japan has different standards, flavor, and quality to it. I would say the best ones are created by the monks. The first matcha she brought for me was created by the monks.

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Overall, I would rate this 8/10 for flavor and texture. For the color and smell, its 9/10. The packaging is cute and in Japanese. So it’s hard for me to understand it. At the back, they provided a large site information which is great for you to buy their matcha tea online. You can check the site online and see what else they offer.