Cafe Bene Review


My review of Cafe Bene. I knew about Cafe Bene from my husband. I was new here in LA and we were going around in downtown LA.
We went to this Cafe because my husband wanted to study for his exams. After driving, we came and tried to go around twice for parking. It was difficult for us to find parking especially when all the parking slots are full. We found one after 8 minutes, it was a block away from the cafe. We had to walk several minutes to get there. Personally, it was okay for me but my husband who was bringing his briefcase and books which look very heavy, it was not okay with him.

He said he goes to this Cafe whenever he wants to study and enjoy coffee. We went in and check the menu. Since it was my first time my husband suggested I tried their matcha tea drink. He knows that I love matcha. I drink it almost everyday just like coffee. When we went in it was really busy, so the guy told us it would take time for us to receive our order. We told him it was fine and find a good spot near the cashier area. I told my husband if he can study with all the noise and he was okay with it. We tried connecting to the internet. We connected though it was super slow. So we spent like 20 minutes inside and got my drink.

The hot matcha tea latte was really good. It was creamy not too sweet and strong enough to keep me awake for the next few hours. It was so good that my husband ordered another one but we take it to go. After 30 minutes spending time in the cafe, everyone was just getting too noisy and we decided to leave and find a find a cafe with less crowd. It was a bit disappointing I wanted to stay there and eat. My husband said we’ll just go back there in another time.

My verdict about the matcha tea latte I would rate it 9 / 10. Why I just feel there was too much cream. I am not fond of putting cream in coffee or in my matcha drink. Anyone who likes ice cream on their matcha drink will really love this concoction. Overall, it’s very refreshing and strong. It keeps you till like 4 a.m. In the morning (just like what happened to me).