Kappa Matcha Tea Review

I got this matcha from Japan. It is called Kappa Matcha Tea. My sister gave it to me last Christmas. It is different matcha. It has a roasted smell when you open it. I was expecting the same smell just like the others. It was not. I was surprised.

I took some photos of the product. Also my drink. This is the second time my sister brought me another kind of matcha. I was excited to check if this is the same match she purchased last Christmas.

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I made my usual drink. This time I have my whisk with me. I place two teaspoons of powder on my bowl. Pour in a little bit of hot water then whisk it. While whisking it, nutty smell of the steam evaporates.  I check the color it’s dark green. Pretty good for a matcha tea.

I add a little bit of sugar and whisk it again. A nice frothy layer appears on top. Ah, this is the best part of making matcha tea! The sweetness balance out the bitterness of the tea. I take my first sip and enjoy its strong yet smooth taste. So relaxing! Matcha tea never disappoints me. This is why matcha tea is my favorite.

I love to experiment with different recipes for making matcha tea. I’ve tried adding honey, almond milk, or cinnamon to create unique flavors. It’s so much fun to find the perfect combination that I enjoy! There are endless possibilities and it’s fun trying out new things each time.

I tasted my tea. All good. It is very rich, nutty and has a roasted smell. I would say not all matchas are created equal. My sister’s husband told me before that every tea house in has have their own flavors. That’s a fact. I thought they were all the same.

The matcha manufactured from Japan has different standards, flavor, and quality to it. I would say the best ones are created by the monks. The first matcha she brought for me was created by the monks.

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Overall, I would rate this 8/10 for flavor and texture. For the color and smell, its 9/10. The packaging is cute and in Japanese. So it’s hard for me to understand it. At the back, they provided a large site information which is great for you to buy their matcha tea online. You can check the site online and see what else they offer.

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