Baristas Best Matcha Green Tea Drink

I bought this instant matcha green tea drink at 7/11 store because I got curious how Matcha tea would taste in a preserve drink. When I tasted it, the matcha tea flavor was there. Although it was too sweet because of added sugar, lactose, and sucrose. I thought consuming it would be healthy. I was looking at the nutrition facts and the ingredients at the back. I realize since they added some special sweeteners, artificial flavors, and milk which made the taste really good. It was not natural in a way that I would like it. Now, I understand why they added those ingredients and it is okay. It just gave the drink a bit more flavor since matcha tea has a really subtle taste because the flavor was there but not as natural as I prefer.

After I drank the whole bottle, I felt it was too commercial. I love the Matcha tea added on the drink. Overall, this drink fell short on the natural level and its sweetness. Personally, this could have been a really good drink without too much sugar in it. For people who really loves the sweet instant matcha drink, you will love this. Otherwise, if you are the type who doesn’t like too much sugar. Just take it easy on this drink. Or do not even try it. All in all, I think this drink is okay but it could have been better. Thank you.

Although the taste was good, I felt like this drink was lacking something that made me come back for a second bottle. There seemed to be an artificial sweetness taste instead of the natural sweetness that I usually get from my favorite matcha. There was also too much sugar added which I didn’t like at all. This might be too sweet for some people and if that’s you, then simply don’t bother trying it.

I think if the sweetness level was toned down in this drink, and the natural flavors were brought out more, it could have been a really enjoyable beverage to sip on. I would recommend this drink to those who already enjoy sweet matcha drinks or those looking for a new instant option with a good taste. It just needs some fine-tuning and I think it could really hit the spot!

Overall, this wasn’t a terrible drink, but there are many other better options available on the market. If you’re looking for a great matcha experience, then look elsewhere. Otherwise, give this one a try and see if it’s for you.

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I would rate this 7/10. Honestly, this drink is not good for people who wants to go natural. If you want a natural drink, buy Koicha (thick) or Usucha (thin) matcha tea from credible sources. Then learn how to prepare it how the Japanese would drink it.

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