Popular Tea Houses in Los Angeles California

Los Angeles has many popular tea houses that offer a variety of teas, snacks, and ambiance. Here are some of the top tea rooms in Los Angeles, according to Yelp reviews:

  • The Living Room at The Peninsula Beverly Hills: This elegant tea room offers a traditional afternoon tea service with scones, sandwiches, pastries, and a selection of teas. You can also enjoy live music and a glass of champagne. The tea service is $75 per person and reservations are required¹.
  • Buena Vida Tea Bar & Garden in Highland Park: This cozy tea bar and garden serves organic teas, coffee, empanadas, and pastries. You can relax in the outdoor patio or browse the gift shop. The tea service is $28 per person and includes a pot of tea, sandwiches, scones, and desserts².
  • Rose & Blanc Tea Room in Koreatown: This cute and girly tea room offers a variety of teas, coffee, cakes, and macarons. You can also rent the venue for private parties and events. The tea service is $35 per person and includes a choice of tea, sandwiches, scones, and sweets³.
  • Dream Come True Tea & Party Room in Glendale: This whimsical tea room is perfect for children’s parties and baby showers. You can enjoy themed tea parties with costumes, games, crafts, and food. The tea service is $35 per person and includes a choice of tea, sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, and cookies⁴.
  • Golden Dragon Tea Room in Sawtelle: This authentic Chinese tea room offers a range of teas from different regions and styles. You can also learn about the history and culture of tea from the owner and staff. The tea service is $25 per person and includes a choice of tea, dim sum, and desserts⁵.
  • Callisto Tea House in Pasadena: This modern minimalist tea house is small yet packed with lot of tea options. They’re known for their scented teas like Ruby Slippers, Yellow Brick Road & First Snow Jasmine. What I love about them is their Herbal Caffeine Free teas like the Bamboo Chamomile and Turmeric Ginger. Perfect for cold days or when you’re not feeling too good. This is the place where you can just hangout by yourself or with a friend. You can try their Gong Fu style service which is pricier compared to the other teas available. If you’re feeling hot on a summer day, they have cold brew tea available.
  • Chado Tea Room in Hollywood: They are known for their sandwiches and afternoon tea services. What’s really good about this place is the variety of salads and food you can eat along with the tea. To start your journey to experience this place, start with trying out their food. You can ask for tea if they give it to you per pot. The service is excellent as well. Chado tea Room truly provides a great afternoon experience for lovers of tea. Highly recommended! Once you have tried the food and drinks that Chado has to offer, you can relax in their cozy ambience and enjoy some conversation with friends or family.

These are just some of the top tea rooms in Los Angeles that you can visit for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. If you want to see more options or read more reviews, you can check out Yelp. I hope this answer was helpful.

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