Honey Boba Matcha Tea Drink Review

Honey Boba Matcha Tea Drink Review
Honey Boba Matcha Tea Drink Review
Honey Boba Matcha Tea Drink Review 2019

We have been going to this cafe for quite some time. I feel they deserve to have a nice review of their matcha beverage. Just to let you all know, this is my first time to try their matcha drink. I tried all the other flavors which are good. I want to make sure I specifically want the matcha tea boba I always wanted.

This Honey Boba cafe is located in Monterey Park, CA. The place is very spacious. I love the chandelier decorations and how everything feels like cool. Not too hot inside. You can bring your laptop or work even there. A place you can relax.

About the matcha boba drink, I tasted it and it seems like green tea. The quality of the matcha is not strong enough for me. Personally, I would have called this green tea boba. How they mix it with milk and other concoction makes it really taste good and sweet. I like my matcha strong enough to last me throughout the day.

It was not the best matcha experience for me. I had expectations that the drink would surpass the ones in Little Tokyo. It was just not too strong. The container made me happy because it was easy to drink and put a cap on it while driving. It’s spillproof and the lid makes sure it doesn’t leak.

The disadvantage of the canister, I had to open it to put my straw in to drink. Little spills on the cup holder can be quite a hassle to clean. It was messy. I had to drink half of it put the lid on and get back on the road. The wait was okay. I don’t mind the detail. It’s just that I have to open and then close it.

Buying the drink was not too expensive. We have tried really good ones that have to buy one get one free promotion. They don’t have any promotion. You have to buy the drink individually. They have a lot of options that are around $5 or more. Better flavors and mixes.

The advantage is the amount of drink you have. It’s more than a cup. We usually get large size plastic cups. The size is times two. Though we paid for two, we absolutely love the idea of having plenty of matcha tea blend in our container. My husband said it’s like paying for $10 if it was cup size.

Overall, I was happy with my drink not with the amount of ice inside it. It was very tasty and I would love to order it again. Even if it’s not too strong, there is caffeine on this drink. Not good for kids. Perfect for a hot day and just lingering inside the cafe. A must-have drink for students or anyone who wants to feel refreshed and energized all day.

Update: Honey Boba closed down during the pandemic. They’re no longer in business.