How To Make A Good Matcha Habit

ow to make a good matcha habit

Fitness goals are not complete without developing a matcha habit. Some of us have goals and some do not. It is easy to say what we really want than taking action. We take action by taking the necessary steps to be healthy and fit. Matcha tea has made its way to our homes and our hearts. It influences every person to choose a matcha for a healthy lifestyle. The question is how to make matcha a fitness habit.
Fitness experts have different ways to integrate matcha tea into our daily routine. Here are ways to get creative and adapt the matcha habit.

Drink matcha tea-like coffee every morning. Matcha tea helps you to get a fresh start. You know that matcha caffeine effect 4-6 hours a day. It will help you to get rid of the early morning stress syndrome or I need to wake up feeling. It will boost your focus and concentration throughout the day.

Before you start an exercise program and routine, prepare a matcha drink that will aid as water during the activity.

Mix your matcha drink with healthy meals. Like early morning toast, smoothie bowl and fruit meals. Skip the matcha drink with cream that will break your fitness goals. Balance matcha with meals that have less sugar, less carbohydrates and oil.

Food made from matcha can be good for you. Consume sweets, baked goods and lifestyle drinks made in matcha tea in moderation.

Exercise more every other day. While you rest in between make sure to drink your matcha during your exercise intervals.

Lastly, observe your body and the results you get for a one or two. Notice any difference? If you do then you are on the right track. If you are not, better plan your meals. Make sure you eat in moderation and get more exercise. Never blame your excuses and other things that are blocking your path on your way to your goals. It is not somebody elses fault if you are not making progress. It is your matcha habit to create.

Baristas Best Matcha Green Tea Drink

baristas best

I bought this instant matcha green tea drink at 7/11 store because I got curious how Matcha tea would taste in a preserve drink. When I tasted it, the matcha tea flavor was there. Although it was too sweet because of added sugar, lactose, and sucrose. I thought consuming it would be healthy. I was looking at the nutrition facts and the ingredients at the back. I realize since they added some special sweeteners, artificial flavors, and milk which made the taste really good. It was not natural in a way that I would like it. Now, I understand why they added those ingredients and it is okay. It just gave the drink a bit more flavor since matcha tea has a really subtle taste because the flavor was there but not as natural as I prefer.

After I drank the whole bottle, I felt it was too commercial. I love the Matcha tea added on the drink. Overall, this drink fell short on the natural level and its sweetness. Personally, this could have been a really good drink without too much sugar in it. For people who really loves the sweet instant matcha drink, you will love this. Otherwise, if you are the type who doesn’t like too much sugar. Just take it easy on this drink. Or do not even try it. All in all, I think this drink is okay but it could have been better. Thank you.

Although the taste was good, I felt like this drink was lacking something that made me come back for a second bottle. There seemed to be an artificial sweetness taste instead of the natural sweetness that I usually get from my favorite matcha. There was also too much sugar added which I didn’t like at all. This might be too sweet for some people and if that’s you, then simply don’t bother trying it.

I think if the sweetness level was toned down in this drink, and the natural flavors were brought out more, it could have been a really enjoyable beverage to sip on. I would recommend this drink to those who already enjoy sweet matcha drinks or those looking for a new instant option with a good taste. It just needs some fine-tuning and I think it could really hit the spot!

Overall, this wasn’t a terrible drink, but there are many other better options available on the market. If you’re looking for a great matcha experience, then look elsewhere. Otherwise, give this one a try and see if it’s for you.

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I would rate this 7/10. Honestly, this drink is not good for people who wants to go natural. If you want a natural drink, buy Koicha (thick) or Usucha (thin) matcha tea from credible sources. Then learn how to prepare it how the Japanese would drink it.

10 Health Benefits of Japanese Matcha Tea


Let’s find out the benefits of Japanese Matcha Tea. In Japanese culture, drinking Japanese Matcha Tea is a widely known and accepted. Back in the Tang Dynasty in China, tea leaves were steamed and formed into tea bricks for storage and trade. It became popular in the Song Dynasty where the method of making powdered tea started. Then it became a necessary part of the ritual by Chan or Zen Buddhists.

One of the Zen Buddhists brought Matcha Tea to Japan in 1191 by monk Eisai. In Japan, it became highly integrated at ceremonies by Zen Monasteries and people. From there, Matcha green tea was born. Let us read more about how Matcha Tea can benefit your health.

1.) It helps improve your mental focus because of its high Theanine content. It gives you that surge of energy when you work.

2.) It gives an energy boost without the typical jitter and acidity associated with coffee. Once we get older, our body acidity goes high. Consumption of coffee may give you stomach pains, acid reflux, and complex acid reactions. It is better to have an alternative to coffee the reason some people drink Matcha tea.

3.) It makes your skin look younger.

4.) Matcha has Catechin EGCg, most widely known for its cancer-fighting properties.

5.) Enhances your nerves to make you feel calm but alert.

6.) Boosts memory and concentration.

7.) Increase your endurance up to 6 hours or more. From my experience, it even makes feel active all throughout the day. The endurance makes you even more productive especially if you have two jobs.

8.) Improves your metabolism and helps to burn calories in your body. Personally, drink Matcha Tea before you exercise. It will help you meet your fitness goals X2.

9.) Detoxifies our body from chemical toxins from the food that we eat.

10.) Fortifies the immune system and balances our cholesterol levels.

You get a lot of benefits from Matcha Tea. The list could go longer. I have only 10 on the list. I will keep you updated for more. If you are reading this post and you drink coffee, you should try Matcha Tea. It will give you more than what coffee could offer. It is rich in antioxidants and has a higher concentration of caffeine than regular green tea. Matcha tea can help you stay focused and energized as well as boost your metabolism. This makes it an ideal beverage for those looking to lose weight. Additionally, research has shown that Matcha Tea may reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. All in all, Matcha Tea is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. Thank you for reading and remember to try it!

Cafe Bene Review


My review of Cafe Bene. I knew about Cafe Bene from my husband. I was new here in LA and we were going around in downtown LA.
We went to this Cafe because my husband wanted to study for his exams. After driving, we came and tried to go around twice for parking. It was difficult for us to find parking especially when all the parking slots are full. We found one after 8 minutes, it was a block away from the cafe. We had to walk several minutes to get there. Personally, it was okay for me but my husband who was bringing his briefcase and books which look very heavy, it was not okay with him.

He said he goes to this Cafe whenever he wants to study and enjoy coffee. We went in and check the menu. Since it was my first time my husband suggested I tried their matcha tea drink. He knows that I love matcha. I drink it almost everyday just like coffee. When we went in it was really busy, so the guy told us it would take time for us to receive our order. We told him it was fine and find a good spot near the cashier area. I told my husband if he can study with all the noise and he was okay with it. We tried connecting to the internet. We connected though it was super slow. So we spent like 20 minutes inside and got my drink.

The hot matcha tea latte was really good. It was creamy not too sweet and strong enough to keep me awake for the next few hours. It was so good that my husband ordered another one but we take it to go. After 30 minutes spending time in the cafe, everyone was just getting too noisy and we decided to leave and find a find a cafe with less crowd. It was a bit disappointing I wanted to stay there and eat. My husband said we’ll just go back there in another time.

My verdict about the matcha tea latte I would rate it 9 / 10. Why I just feel there was too much cream. I am not fond of putting cream in coffee or in my matcha drink. Anyone who likes ice cream on their matcha drink will really love this concoction. Overall, it’s very refreshing and strong. It keeps you till like 4 a.m. In the morning (just like what happened to me).

8 Amazing Facts About Matcha Green Tea

matcha green tea

It is difficult to tell which Matcha Green Tea has a ceremonial grade to its quality if you are a beginner.

In the market, there are products sold on the internet for the same type of Matcha tea powder. The quality is worst compared to products that are known for their quality. The issues of the quality do get everyone’s attention. Including the specific grades of the powder to use.

How can you tell you purchased a quality Matcha tea? The grade of Matcha has many factors:

1.) Location of the Tea.

2.) They must have strict requirements when made. This means they use young leaves to make the highest quality tea powder. The treatment of the tea leaves. In processing, the leaves are not exposed to sunlight. This type of process makes the powder color appear vibrant green.

3.) The treatment of the tea leaves. In processing, sunlight is an important factor for the leaves. This type of process makes the powder color appear vibrant green.

4.) The texture, quality, and density.

5.) Comprises of stems or leaves. Teas made from stems have different flavor and aroma. They are not bitter. Drink the tea stems. Stems are by-products of making Matcha. Young leaf selected for Matcha production.

6.) The fineness of the powder.  Matcha tea powder from Japan has a darker color than the China made tea powder according to my research.

7.) Tea leaves made from granite stone mills have the best quality. Compare Matcha Tea made from machines. Granite stone mill is the best for attaining the freshness, texture, color, and density of the tea leaves.

8.) The oxidation of the leaves. Tea leaves exposed too much oxygen becomes dull and appears brownish-green. You will know if it has the right amount if it smells like hay.

The internet has a vast selection of Matcha Tea and their specific type of grade (which I will cover in my next article). The only way to know what type you are going to buy is to read the labels. Do not be entice buying lower price products. High-quality Matcha Tea is generally expensive above $20 or more.