Matcha-Infused Pastries You will Love

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Matcha, a finely ground green tea powder, has taken the culinary world by storm. Its earthy, slightly bitter flavor profile has become a favorite among pastry chefs and home bakers alike. From muffins to macarons, matcha-infused pastries are popping up in bakeries all over the world. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best matcha pastries you need to try.

Baked Matcha Pastries

Matcha has become the go-to ingredient for pastry chefs who want to add a subtle sweetness and a pop of color to their creations. If you’re a fan of the earthy flavor of matcha, you’ll love these indulgent pastries. From matcha croissants to matcha cream puffs, there’s a matcha pastry for every taste bud. Try Midori Matcha Cafe in Los Angeles 

Get Your Irresistible Treats

If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth while getting your daily dose of antioxidants, look no further than matcha pastries. These irresistible treats are perfect for breakfast, dessert, or any time of day. Some of our favorites include matcha mille crepes, matcha cookie, matcha tiramisu, and matcha cheesecake. Try Matcha Village in Santa Monica

From Muffins to Macarons

Matcha is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of pastries. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet and chewy like a matcha macaron or something light and fluffy like a matcha sponge cake, there’s a matcha pastry out there for you. Other popular matcha pastries include matcha mochi, matcha donuts, and matcha truffles. Try Midori Matcha Cafe in Los Angeles

Matcha-Infused Sweets & Snacks

Looking for a way to take your snack game to the next level? Add some matcha-infused sweets to your repertoire. Matcha cookies, matcha popcorn, and matcha energy balls are just a few examples of how you can incorporate this trendy ingredient into your snacking routine. Not only do these treats taste delicious, but they also provide a boost of energy and antioxidants. Try Marukai Market & Any Daiso Outlets.

The Ultimate Guide to Matcha Pastries You Need to Try

If you’re a fan of matcha, you won’t want to miss out on these delicious pastries. Our ultimate guide includes everything from classic matcha desserts like matcha ice cream and matcha latte to more unique creations like matcha croissants and matcha cheesecake bars. Be sure to try them all! Try Roji Bakery in Culver City.

Treat Yourself to a Matcha Pastry Today

If you’re in the mood for something sweet and satisfying, why not treat yourself to a matcha pastry? Whether you’re a fan of light and airy desserts or rich and decadent treats, there’s a matcha pastry out there that’s perfect for you. Go ahead, indulge a little!

How Matcha Became the Hottest Trend in Pastry-Making

Matcha’s rise to popularity in the pastry world can be traced back to its numerous health benefits. Packed with antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, matcha has become the go-to ingredient for health-conscious pastry chefs. Add to that its subtle sweetness and vibrant green color, and it’s easy to see why matcha has become the hottest trend in pastry-making. Try Organic Japanese Matcha Tea Powder Culinary Grade

Discover These Unforgettable Matcha Pastries in Your City

If you’re on the hunt for the best matcha pastries in your city, you’re in luck. From artisanal bakeries to trendy cafes, matcha-infused pastries are popping up all over the place. Some of our favorite spots include TeaMaster in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, Yamari in Torrance, Sugarfina in New York City, and Hamada-ya Bakery in Santa Monica

Matcha pastries are the perfect way to indulge in something sweet while also enjoying the numerous health benefits of this trendy ingredient. Whether you prefer classic matcha desserts or more unique creations, there’s a matcha pastry out there that’s perfect for you. So go ahead, treat yourself to something delicious and satisfying. Your taste buds (and your body) will thank you.

Top Matcha Snacks to Satisfy Your Cravings

Matcha Snacks

Let’s look into the best matcha snacks that are available in the market today. I have tried a number of different ones out there and these are some of my favorites.

Japanese Kit Kat Matcha Chocolate Flavor – This is a sweet and creamy snack made with Japanese matcha green tea. It has a light, sweet flavor that makes it perfect for snacking on. What I like about this snack is the matcha flavor and it taste unique compared to other Kit Kat flavors I have tried. Packed with flavor and a little bit of caffeine if you want an extra boost of energy throughout the day.

Pocky Biscuit Stick – Matcha is definitely my favorite flavor! I love the slightly sweet and earthy taste that it has. The crunchy texture of the biscuit sticks is also so satisfying. I would recommend these to anyone that loves matcha! You can find them at Daiso stores and selected Asian groceries.  I’m a fan of the Pocky Biscuit Stick whether it is on different flavors. This one hits the spot with the matcha flavor.  I love having these as an afternoon snack with a cup of green tea or by itself. Nothing beats it! (Similar to Matcha Peejoy)

Quadratini Matcha Wafer Cookies – the perfect afternoon snack for tea-time! These bite-sized treats combine sweet, crunchy wafers with a deliciously intense matcha taste, creating a melt-in-your-mouth flavor like no other. Made with real matcha from Japan’s renowned Uji region, Quadratini Matcha Wafer Cookies are the perfect way to experience the intense flavor of Japan’s beloved green tea. Enjoy them with your favorite cup of matcha tea or as a snack in between meals. What I love about this experience was the creaminess of the matcha wafer cookies, trying them for the first time was definitely a unique experience. I highly recommend this who love wafer snacks.

Loacker Premium Matcha Wafers – the perfect combination of delicious wafers with Matcha Green Tea. Enjoy this unique snack in between meals or as an indulgence for yourself. A great way to get your daily dose of Matcha Green Tea and delicious wafers that will surely satisfy your cravings. With its perfect balance of sweet and savory, this treat is the perfect snack to share with friends and family. If you’re a big fan of wafers, this snack is for you. With its high quality creamy matcha filling and light texture, Loacker Premium Matcha Wafers make for a great treat any time of day. 

OuYang HengZhi Matcha Dried Flower Cakes – this is something new. It’s not a common dessert you can see in the stores. It’s handmade by OuYang HengZhi, a famous tea master from China. He uses the highest quality matcha powder and natural ingredients to craft these unique and beautiful cakes. The delicate matcha flavor is strong but never too bitter, making it a perfect accompaniment to any meal or snack. Enjoy this unique and flavorful cake with your favorite tea! 

The cakes come in two sizes, allowing you to choose the size that best fits your needs. The small cake is perfect for a single serving, while the large size can serve multiple people. You can also choose from two types of matcha, regular and premium. The premium matcha is higher quality and has a more intense flavor, so it’s perfect for special occasions.

Overall, based on their quality, taste and texture.  I would give all this snacks 10/10. If you want flavor and texture, try out our recommended matcha snacks. They are absolutely divine and totally worth the price!! Try now and you won’t regret it.

6 Popular Types of Tea to Drink

Popular Types of Tea

Have you wondered why some people prefer to drink some tea over the others? Most of the popular types of tea like green tea are most preferred. But what about the other types? How and when do we need to drink them? Let’s explore some of the other teas available and see when they can be helpful to us. 

Photo by Tea Creative │ Soo Chung on Unsplash

White tea is the least processed tea and is believed to contain the highest amount of antioxidants. It has a mellow and light flavor. White tea pairs well with light salads and fruity desserts. Minimally oxidized tea with a delicate flavor. White tea is often enjoyed with desserts like cakes or pastries. White tea is thought to have the least amount of caffeine and can be enjoyed hot or iced.

Oolong tea (Wulong) lies somewhere between green and black teas in terms of flavor, oxidation level, and caffeine content. It has a sweet, complex flavor and is excellent for multiple steeping’s. Oolong tea can be enjoyed with Chinese or Japanese dishes and is thought to aid in digestion. It is partially oxidized tea that has a unique flavor profile. Often enjoyed with seafood dishes and has a nutty, slightly sweet taste. Oolong tea contains antioxidants and can be brewed for multiple steeping’s, allowing for further flavor development. It is believed that oolong tea can aid with slimming because it contains caffeine and catechins to increase metabolism and fat oxidation.

Black tea with dry tea in a teapot on wooden background, high angle view. Image by 8photo on Freepik

Black tea is the most oxidized type of tea and has a bold flavor that can be enjoyed. It is often enjoyed with full-flavored meals like curries or roasted vegetables. Black tea has a higher caffeine content than other teas and can be enjoyed hot or iced.  It can also be used to make herbal tea blends and is thought to help support healthy digestion. It is rich in antioxidants and may provide health benefits, including improved heart and gut health and a reduced risk for certain diseases. 

Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash

Puer Tea is a type of fermented black tea that has a unique earthy flavor. Puer is thought to have health benefits and can be enjoyed with savory dishes. It is often aged and can be enjoyed as a traditional tea ceremony. It is often consumed during and after heavy or greasy meals, like dimsum. You can find this tea served in most Chinese restaurants. It has many health benefits including to lower cholesterol, promote skin health, reduce anxiety, reduce obesity, aid in weight loss and decrease blood sugar levels when consumed routinely.

Image by ededchechine on Freepik

Green tea is the least oxidized type of tea and has a light, grassy flavor. It is often enjoyed with lighter meals like sushi or salads. Green tea is thought to contain beneficial powerful antioxidants. It is known to be high in polyphenols which protect the body against diseases. It has caffeine to boost your metabolism and stimulate your nerves to feel more alert during the day. Don’t drink more than 5 cups a day which is considered unsafe. Its side effects are stomach problems, heartburn, diarrhea, headaches, palpitations, arrhythmia, anemia, tremors and muscle contractions, diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis²⁴⁵.

Image by 8photo on Freepik

Dark tea is a type of tea that has been post-fermented, leaving an extremely dark color tea leaves into red. It has been around for centuries, and it’s no wonder why so many people are passionate about it! With its complex flavors that range from earthy and nutty to sweet and fragrant, dark tea is a cup that never disappoints. Not only does it offer complexity in the flavor profile but also a range of health benefits as studies have shown it to be an excellent source of antioxidants. Whether you prefer the smoky taste of a dark oolong or the lighter notes of a black tea, dark tea is sure to satisfy your taste buds every time. 

Dark tea has been linked to multiple health benefits, such as antioxidant activity, anti-obesity activity, anti-diabetic activity, anti-cancer activity, cardiovascular protective activity, gastrointestinal protective activity, hepatoprotective activity, neuroprotective activity and photoprotective activity¹.

Generally, consuming tea is very good for your health. Just don’t consume more than 5 cups in a day.  Apart from the health benefits, drinking tea can also be a great way to relax and take some time for yourself. You can also experiment with different blends and flavor combinations to find one that suits you best. Whatever your preference, there’s sure to be a tea for every mood! So, if you’re looking for a way to destress and relax, try some tea! 

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Potential Health Benefits of Green Tea

Photo by Maria Tyutina:

There are a lot of potential health benefits of green tea. As we all know, green tea is a popular drink that has multiple properties. Among the best known are its antioxidant properties. Its main antioxidant is polyphenols which help prevent cell damage. Scientific evidence shows that it also helps to lose weight, reduce blood fat, and prevent diseases such as cancer and other degenerative diseases¹.

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants called catechin polyphenols which have been found to stimulate your metabolism and in turn accelerate weight loss¹⁴. Green tea is thought to aid weight loss by boosting the body’s metabolism. The processes that allow the body to convert food and drink into usable energy are collectively known as the metabolism. Green tea may be beneficial for weight loss by helping the body’s metabolism to be more efficient56.

Green tea is also loaded with antioxidants. Among its benefits, it may help support brain function and fat loss, help reduce the chance of developing heart disease, and offer some protection against cancer³. Research shows that antioxidants in green tea may help lower the risk of certain types of cancers, including breast cancer by 15% colorectal cancer by 30-40% and oral cancer. It combats cancer by neutralizing free radicals (chemical by-products known to damage DNA).

It is also known to be good for body health. Low-caffeine ingredients in green tea can be an alternative drink for coffee drinkers who want to have less caffeine¹. Its bioactive compound catechins help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It boosts immunity and regulates the immune system health by preventing neurodegenerative disorders.

However, it is important to note that green tea does not offer anti-cancer or other extreme benefits as proposed by many¹. Studies show that people who regularly drink green tea are able to burn between 70-100 calories more per day due to the polyphenols in it2Drinking three to five cups of green tea daily, alongside a healthy diet, is associated with a 41% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease3.

So, it pays eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle has many benefits. It can help you live longer, keep your skin, teeth and eyes healthy, support your muscles, boost your immunity, strengthen your bones and lower the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. It can also support healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding and help the digestive system function12

Eating healthy can also increase your energy levels, enhance your brain function, allow you to focus better and sleep easier3Maintaining a balanced diet can help you attain ideal body weight and reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other types of cancer4. So, choose your food wisely and eat unhealthy foods in moderation.

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Affordable Matcha Packets On The Go

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Are you the type who is always busy? Getting up at 4 am and off to work before the sun rises, all while juggling a hectic after-work social life? If yes, I have the perfect matcha on the go packets just for you. Matcha on the go packets provide a quick and convenient way to enjoy your daily cup of matcha without having to worry about taking the time out of your day. Plus, you can get in some extra health benefits while on the move! Check out our selection of matcha on the go packets.

Jade Leaf Matcha Powder Stick Packs – One of the popular brands that many people love is the Jade Leaf Matcha Powder Stick Packs. They contain organic Japanese matcha powder, which has numerous health benefits and a smooth flavor that adds a delicious green tea flavor to any drink. The stick packs make it easy to take them anywhere for on-the-go convenience. Plus, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, they are a great choice for those watching their sugar intake. Jade Leaf Matcha Stick Packs come in several flavors, making them a great way to explore the wonderful world of matcha tea without having to buy large quantities of each flavor. Try one today!

MatchaLove Unsweetened Tea Powder – An ITO EN brand, this superfood powder is among the best I have tried so far. This organic powder contains only pure, natural matcha tea leaves that have been sourced from the finest gardens in Japan and steamed to preserve its flavor. Its bright green color and smooth texture makes it a perfect addition for recipes like matcha lattes or smoothies. The true star of this product is its health benefits – thanks to an abundance of catechins, it can help fight inflammation, protect against cellular damage, and even reduce the risk of certain cancers. With all these health benefits, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my regular tea! On top of that, its mild flavor makes it easy to mix with other ingredients like milk or yogurt for a delicious treat. Not only does it offer a variety of high-quality, organic matcha powders, but also delicious when you pair it with treats like cookies, cakes and ice cream made with this special tea.

Aiya Matcha Ceremonial Grade To Go – I’ve tried other Aiya products and it never fails to satisfy my cravings. I included this in my recommendations for its high-quality taste and convenience. The front of the package says that it is made from premium Aiya ceremonial grade matcha, which means that I’m getting the best flavor and health benefits available! The tea also comes in a lightweight pouch with individual portions, making it easy to carry around. I’m excited to try out this product and would definitely recommend it to others!

I also like how Aiya is committed to sustainability. All of their products meet strict environmental standards and are packaged with recycled materials. To top it off, they donate a portion of their profits to organizations that support eco-friendly initiatives. It’s great to have the assurance that I’m not only buying quality tea but supporting a company that is helping the planet.

Overall, I’m very pleased with Aiya’s ceremonial grade matcha and thrilled to be able to enjoy this delicious tea every day! The unique flavor and health benefits make it a must-have for any matcha lover. Plus, the fact that it comes from an environmentally conscious company is definitely an added bonus.

Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks – Korean brand match powder that showcases their tea heritage that has been going on for centuries. Made with an all-natural process, this matcha is USDA certified organic and has a smooth and mild taste that will leave your tastebuds feeling like royalty! So make sure to enjoy this amazing tea experience with Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks today! Whether you’re sipping it plain or serving up something special, this organic matcha is sure to bring you joy.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation by brewing up some Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks and basking in the peacefulness it brings! With its rich flavor and aroma, it’s sure to be your new favorite way to start (or end) your day. Get your daily dose of antioxidants and a boost of energy without any jittery side effects from Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks! This smooth matcha is packed with vitamins B1, B2, C, E and K, while the amino acid L-theanine helps release stress. Plus, it’s certified organic and comes in a convenient, easy-to-use stick format. Try Seein Organic Ceremonial Matcha Sticks today to experience the flavor of traditional Japanese matcha tea without any of the hassle!

Mighty Leaf Unsweetened Japanese Match Packets – Peet’s Coffee & Tea has been the sole distributor of this brand of matcha packet. This matcha is perfect for those who are trying to add a little zing to their tea or coffee without any added sweetness. It has a smooth, mellow flavor that only gets better when combined with just the right amount of milk and sugar. A single packet can make up to two cups of tea, making it an economical choice and one that can be enjoyed by all. Try it today and experience the power of matcha!

Expert-Rated Matcha Ready to Drink Beverages You Need To Try

History of Matcha Tea

Remedy Organics Matcha Fuel – This is on my top list of “Matcha Ready to Drink Beverages”. Why? The ingredients comprise of almond milk, Japanese matcha, maca, spirulina, turmeric, and prebiotics. I am sure you’re familiar with the rest of the ingredients except for maca. What is maca? It’s known as Peruvian Ginseng. It has fiber, vitamins and minerals that’s good for your body. With that said, this beverage gives you a natural energy boost and provides great health benefits. Try it for yourself – I guarantee you won’t regret it! Plus, the packaging is made of 100% recyclable material – an extra bonus that makes me feel good about supporting such an amazing company! The taste – delicious and creamy. Its light and not too sweet. You can find this at Aldi or if you use online grocery shopping Instacart, there are several stores that sells this product. To name a few – Sprouts Farmers Market, CVS or 7-Eleven.

Taika Matcha Latte – You will love this drink hot or cold. The ingredients comprise of ceremonial grade matcha, ashwagandha, lion’s mane (mushroom), and L-theanine. If you’re familiar with the ingredients -that’s great. But if you’re not, don’t worry, you’ll love the flavor. It’s a smooth, creamy beverage that will leave you feeling energized and relaxed at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Try it out today! This latte is packed with powerful antioxidants and adaptogenic herbs to help your body cope with stress and fight off fatigue. Plus, it tastes absolutely delicious! Enjoy the creamy flavor of Taika Matcha Latte today and experience a whole new world of health benefits.

MatchaLove Japanese Matcha + Green Tea Energy shots – You can buy this sweetened or unsweetened. The mix of this drink comprises of ceremonial grade matcha and green tea. You will love this drink because its light and tasty. It has a unique flavor due to the mix of matcha and green tea. This is an amazing alternative for anyone looking for a healthier way to start their day! The caffeine from the Matcha helps you stay active and alert throughout the day. With this energy shot, you get all of the health benefits associated with matcha and green tea without feeling heavy or bloated. Try this energy shot today and enjoy the perfect pick-me-up! Order your matcha love now and get ready to start your day with an invigorating boost!

Guru Matcha Energy Drink – You’re best morning drink before hitting work or the gym. This drink is best for performance and to increase your focus. It’s not your average energy drink. It has organic ingredients like organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic flavors, monk fruit juice concentrate, organic stevia extract, organic green tea caffeine, citric acid, organic Japanese ceremonial grade matcha and organic panax ginseng extract. Its available in other flavors as well. You can choose from original, lemon, passionfruit and strawberry. Enjoy this drink with your favorite breakfast toast or just as it is – refreshing and energizing! Get the best of energy drinks with Guru Matcha Energy Drink now!

Guru Matcha Energy Drink is a healthy alternative to other energy drinks. Made without artificial sweeteners, it has no added preservatives or flavors. The all-natural ingredients ensure that you are getting the nutrients and energy your body needs to stay sharp and focused throughout the day. With its low sugar content, this drink is a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks. What’s more, it contains antioxidants that help your body fight off free radicals.

Guru Matcha Energy Drink also comes in a variety of sizes, so you can easily find the right amount for your needs. Whether you’re looking to just get an occasional boost or want something to keep you going through long days, Guru Matcha Energy Drink has what you need. With its delicious taste and health benefits, it’s easy to see why this drink is becoming a popular choice among people who lead active lifestyles. Try it today and experience the difference!

I had tried other drinks and none of them compared to my top 4 choices! It’s so fresh and delicious. I love that it has antioxidants too, making it a healthy choice for me. I totally recommend trying all my recommendations if you haven’t already! You won’t be disappointed.

Popular Tea Houses in Los Angeles California

Photo by Filiz Elaerts on Unsplash

Los Angeles has many popular tea houses that offer a variety of teas, snacks, and ambiance. Here are some of the top tea rooms in Los Angeles, according to Yelp reviews:

  • The Living Room at The Peninsula Beverly Hills: This elegant tea room offers a traditional afternoon tea service with scones, sandwiches, pastries, and a selection of teas. You can also enjoy live music and a glass of champagne. The tea service is $75 per person and reservations are required¹.
  • Buena Vida Tea Bar & Garden in Highland Park: This cozy tea bar and garden serves organic teas, coffee, empanadas, and pastries. You can relax in the outdoor patio or browse the gift shop. The tea service is $28 per person and includes a pot of tea, sandwiches, scones, and desserts².
  • Rose & Blanc Tea Room in Koreatown: This cute and girly tea room offers a variety of teas, coffee, cakes, and macarons. You can also rent the venue for private parties and events. The tea service is $35 per person and includes a choice of tea, sandwiches, scones, and sweets³.
  • Dream Come True Tea & Party Room in Glendale: This whimsical tea room is perfect for children’s parties and baby showers. You can enjoy themed tea parties with costumes, games, crafts, and food. The tea service is $35 per person and includes a choice of tea, sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, and cookies⁴.
  • Golden Dragon Tea Room in Sawtelle: This authentic Chinese tea room offers a range of teas from different regions and styles. You can also learn about the history and culture of tea from the owner and staff. The tea service is $25 per person and includes a choice of tea, dim sum, and desserts⁵.
  • Callisto Tea House in Pasadena: This modern minimalist tea house is small yet packed with lot of tea options. They’re known for their scented teas like Ruby Slippers, Yellow Brick Road & First Snow Jasmine. What I love about them is their Herbal Caffeine Free teas like the Bamboo Chamomile and Turmeric Ginger. Perfect for cold days or when you’re not feeling too good. This is the place where you can just hangout by yourself or with a friend. You can try their Gong Fu style service which is pricier compared to the other teas available. If you’re feeling hot on a summer day, they have cold brew tea available.
  • Chado Tea Room in Hollywood: They are known for their sandwiches and afternoon tea services. What’s really good about this place is the variety of salads and food you can eat along with the tea. To start your journey to experience this place, start with trying out their food. You can ask for tea if they give it to you per pot. The service is excellent as well. Chado tea Room truly provides a great afternoon experience for lovers of tea. Highly recommended! Once you have tried the food and drinks that Chado has to offer, you can relax in their cozy ambience and enjoy some conversation with friends or family.

These are just some of the top tea rooms in Los Angeles that you can visit for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. If you want to see more options or read more reviews, you can check out Yelp. I hope this answer was helpful.

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Last minute Surprises for Dad on Father’s Day

Photo by RDNE Stock project:

You want to buy last minute surprises for Dad or your husband and you don’t know what makes them happy. We curated some list of gifts that your father or husband would appreciate. Each of the items is created to make them fully appreciate your effort in giving them a gift. 

Here is our list of special Dad gifts:

1. Massage – Whether its Thai or Swedish, any massage therapy certificate can help to relieve stress and relax the body. It can also help to improve circulation, reduce pain, and promote healing. Men like as women love to be pampered too. Massage is the best way for him to simply enjoy his day without any distractions.

2. Happy Father’s Day Gift Basket – This gift basket is a perfect way to show your father how much you appreciate him. It includes all the essentials for a delightful tea experience such as an assortment of loose-leaf teas, a tea infuser, and some delicious treats. Every item in this basket has been chosen with care to create the ultimate gift intended to bring joy and relaxation to your special dad. It’s sure to put a smile on his face and remind him of how much he is loved and cherished. So, celebrate Dad this Father’s Day with a unique tea gift! (Note: Make sure he drinks tea)

3. Personalized Dad Mug – Get a customize mug with his favorite quote or his name on it.  This Father’s Day let him enjoy a cup of his favorite drink in this special mug and show him how much you care. Add on a box of his favorite tea or cookie to make it even more special.

4. Gift Subscription – Give him the gift of convenience with a subscription box! Some of the best subscription boxes offer different combinations of food and manly items, so it’s perfect to choose something that he has to explore. Whether it has different blends of tea or something he can use every day.  

5. Visa Gift Card – Give him the chance to pick out his favorite tea and what best way to do that then with a Visa gift card? He can easily use it online or in store at his local tea shop! It’s the perfect way to let him choose exactly what he likes and save some money. 

6. Day off on a short vacation – If you really want to spoil him, plan a day trip or short vacation for him and his favorite food experience. Take him to a tea house and let him sample some of the delicious blends and pastries they have to offer. 

7. An outdoor dinner or picnic – Surprise him with an outdoor dinner or picnic with a variety of food depending on his taste. You don’t need to decorate or bring food if you take him out to dinner. Just make it special for him too!  He’ll be so touched by your thoughtfulness and love for him. 

8. Hobby oriented gifts – Get him something related to his favorite hobbies. He will be so thrilled with the thoughtfulness of your gift. It could be anything from a new tea mug or travel tumbler. To a book or magazine about tea he’s been wanting to read. A good mix and match of gifts will definitely make him feel like you care for him. 

Remember that giving gifts doesn’t always have to be expensive. The main point is that you took the time and effort to find something special for him. Show your appreciation with a gift that will speak to his heart and make him smile! Good luck in finding the perfect gift. 

Secrets To Naturally Recover from Flu

Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

Want to know how to naturally recover from flu? It’s hard to be sick at home, not working worst not doing anything in a day or two. Here are some of my secrets to improve your immune system without taking a pill or two.

  1. Chicken soup – the ultimate comfort food. So warm and cozy, it’s like a hug in a bowl. Whether you’re recovering from an illness or just need some TLC, chicken soup is the perfect choice to make you feel better. Try adding fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme for an extra special touch, as well as plenty of veggies to give your soup a nutritious boost. For an even more indulgent meal, try adding noodles or rice to your chicken soup. The warmth of the broth and starchiness of the noodles or rice make for a comforting combination. You can also add dumplings for a heartier meal, as well as extra vegetables for added nutrition. Finally, finish off your chicken soup with a pat of butter or dollop of sour cream for an extra bit of richness.
  2. Honey & Ginger Tea – I just love this tea! It has such a unique flavor that I can never get enough of. The combination of honey and ginger creates an intriguing taste that is both sweet and spicy at the same time. Every sip of this tea reminds me why it’s my favorite! Plus, it’s great for calming jitters or settling an upset stomach. Highly recommended!
  3. Green leafy vegetable soup – a classic! This soup is made of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and bok choy. It’s packed with flavor and nutrients, perfect for those looking to get an extra boost of nutrition without sacrificing taste. The savory broth is flavored with garlic, onions, peppers and spices, giving it a unique flavor that will make you reach for a second bowl! Serve it hot with crusty bread and your favorite cheese for a comforting meal that will keep you satisfied.
  4. Honey & Lemon Water – This is proven many times when I get sick. It helps to clear my throat and keep me from getting dehydrated. Drinking a cup of hot water with 1 teaspoon of honey and the juice from half a lemon can really help soothe your inflamed throat, while keeping your body hydrated at the same time. I also drink it when I need an extra boost of energy late in the day!
  5. Ginseng Tea – A natural energizer and stress reliever. Ginseng tea is a popular herbal beverage made from the root of the Panax ginseng plant. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to increase energy, reduce stress, and improve overall health. Ginseng tea is rich in antioxidants that can help fight off free radicals that damage cells. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals that can help boost the immune system. Drinking ginseng tea regularly can help improve mental clarity, focus, and concentration, as well as reduce fatigue and stress. For many people, it is an ideal way to get a natural energy boost throughout the day without relying on caffeinated drinks. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress or increase energy, ginseng tea may be the perfect drink for you
  6. Foods rich in Vitamin C – like oranges, lemons, limes, bell peppers, broccoli (to name a few)- are great for boosting the immune system. They also contain antioxidants which help fight cell damage and can reduce the risk of certain diseases. As an extra bonus, Vitamin C has also been shown to help reduce stress levels and improve mood. So why not start your day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or add some sliced citrus fruits to your favorite salad? It’s a great way to get more Vitamin C in your diet – and it tastes great too!
  7. Turmeric – Turmeric has been used for centuries in traditional Indian cuisine, but its popularity is on the rise as people discover its health benefits. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and can help reduce pain caused by arthritis and other joint problems. You should consider adding some turmeric to their daily routine – it has a bright, earthy flavor that complements on milk perfectly.
  8. Hot Spices – The combination of hot spices really brings out the flavor in your favorite foods! Try adding cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and cumin to your dishes to experience the full range of flavors. You can also mix different spices together to create unique flavor combinations that will tantalize your taste buds. Adding these spices to your diet may help with congestion also clear sinus passages.
  9. Juices – Stay hydrated and liquids are the best option too. The best juice you can drink is fresh juice from fruits like oranges, apples and even vegetables like carrots. You can combine both fruits and vegetables according to your taste. The best ones are apple and carrot, green vegetables, oranges, beets and more. You can create what they called, wellness shot – mix of orange, lemon and turmeric which is good for the immune system.
  10. Water – Staying hydrated all the time. As we get sick, our bodies need to detox and the only way to flush out the toxins is to drink water.
  • It lubricates the joints and prevents joint pain³.
  • It forms saliva and mucus which help with digestion and hydration³.
  • It delivers oxygen throughout the body via blood, which is more than 90% water³.
  • It boosts skin health and beauty by preventing dehydration, skin disorders, and wrinkling³.
  • It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues and supports their function³.
  • It regulates body temperature by producing sweat that cools the body when it evaporates³.
  • It helps the digestive system by preventing constipation, heartburn, and ulcers³.
  • It flushes body waste through sweating, urination, and defecation³.
  • It helps maintain blood pressure by balancing the fluids in the body³.
  • It helps with weight loss by suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism¹.
  • It prevents kidney damage by diluting the salts and minerals that can form kidney stones³.
  • It improves mood, memory, and brain performance by preventing dehydration, which can impair cognitive functions².
  • It may prevent and treat headaches that are caused by dehydration².
  • It increases immunity by flushing out toxins and fighting infections².
  • It reduces inflammation, irritation, and headaches by hydrating the tissues and cells².

As you can see, drinking water has many benefits for your body and mind. The amount of water you need to drink depends on various factors, such as your age, activity level, climate, and health conditions. A general rule of thumb is to drink enough water to keep your urine pale yellow or clear. You can also check your thirst level and drink water whenever you feel thirsty. 

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Naoki Fine Japanese Matcha Blend

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Whisk it using round motions until it looks frothy and bubbles appear on top

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