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Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha
Ceremonial Matcha Tea
Country of origin:
  • FIRST CLASS MATCHA - Recognized by top tea bloggers as one of the 'BEST Matcha Around'. Midori Spring's Gold Class Ceremonial Matcha is made for those who want the FINEST and most flavorful organic Matcha green tea there is. 
  • This 1st flush (1st harvest) Matcha is rich VIBRANT green in color, sweet in aroma with smooth earthy flavors.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY and FRESHNESS GUARANTEED - Sourced from the most prestigious tea gardens in Nishio Japan, the baby tea leaves are SHADE grown and nurtured in facilities designed to MAXIMIZE the oxygen flow to the roots, allowing tea leaves to naturally expand to collect more sunlight.
  • DAILY ENERGY - Our premium grade Matcha is RICH in antioxidants, with over 137x the EGCG levels that of regular steeped tea. With only 1/3 the caffeine of coffee, matcha provides a great source of natural energy (without the JITTERS). 
  • USDA ORGANIC & KOSHER CERTIFIED - Certified USDA Organic certified by OCIA Japan, via the U.S. and Japan’s transparency agreement, OU Kosher Certified, and VEGAN Certified. 
  • Midori Spring Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha is tested regularly for heavy metals and radiation to ensure the purity and safety of the final product. NON GLUTEN, NON-GMO, and contains no pesticides, soy, or wheat of any kind. 


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