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Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha
Ceremonial Matcha Tea
Country of origin:
  • Ceremonial grade Encha is the premium first-harvest organic matcha green tea powder, ground from the most tender leaves each spring on our farm in the Uji mountains of Kyoto, Japan.

  • All Encha matcha is USDA certified organic. The organic certificate, the report of no radioactivity.

  • Ceremonial matcha traditionally means that tea masters use their best matcha powder for the tea ceremony. Thus, ceremonial matcha should be the highest grade in a matcha collection and will differ across matcha brands. 

  • In the first harvest of each spring, our farmer selects the most tender, premium quality matcha green tea leaves, and grinds them as our ceremonial matcha green tea powder. It has a purely green color and the smoothest and richest taste to be considered ceremonial grade matcha.

  • It is the unique combination of mentally calming theanine + moderate caffeine in Encha that helps create the experience of calm energy without jitter and longer mental focus without crash.


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